Attention All Employers: Affordable Care Act Notice Required For All Employees By October 1, 2013

Post written by Deena James, President of Krueger & James | Service Above Self | Proud Grandmother | Woman of Faith | Chiefs Fanatic

Attention all employers!

The Affordable Care Act requires an Affordable Insurance Marketplace (also known as the Exchange) to operate in each state by January 1, 2014.  While the Marketplace won’t replace the ability to buy insurance in private insurance companies, it does offer consumers and employees another option.

Most employers are required to provide notice to all employees, whether part time or full time, informing them that the Marketplace is open for business in 2014.  The Department of Labor has issued two model notices for employers.

Deena James

Model Notice for employers who offer a health plan

Model Notice for employers who do not offer a health plan

This written notice from employers to all current employees about the Marketplace is required by October 1, 2013.  You may use these model notices or create your own as long as it covers the contents requirements outlined in the “technical release issued by the Department of Labor.”

Some health insurance carriers may provide these notices for employers who offer health insurance but we don’t recommend you depend on anyone to get these done.

Simply print off the form that applies to you and deliver to all your employees. Remember, these notices are required to be delivered by all employers to their employees by October 1, 2013.

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